Girls Tennis Score An Ace for League and Season Record

Currently, Montebello High School and Alhambra High School are the two biggest rivals in the sport of girls tennis.
On Oct. 10, the two schools’ girls tennis teams went against each other. The result of the match was a win for the Alhambra girls with a score of 10-8. Although the girls ended the match with a win, there were a few complaints amid the game. According to multiple responses from the Alhambra team, many believed that the most recent game was not their best despite their winning score.
“All of us as a team agreed that we should’ve done better and the way we performed was not best we’ve done,” Captain Karenna Yang said.
Besides the team’s complaints about their own performance, the Lady Moors also had some complaints about the Montebello team. According to several players, many claim that the Montebello Varsity Girls Tennis team alters the callouts during their matches against any of their rivals. In the most recent game, some may say that Montebello had made calls that did not really count. These supposed false line calls occurred when the opposing team would state that a ball went out of the boundaries when it was still inside. The team is very informed about the cheating tactics of the Montebello team but continues to play harder during their games. Regardless, the girls do not blame their performance or their execution on Montebello’s tactics but on their own performance.
The team’s own season record has proven to be very impressive this year. Currently, the girls are upholding a season record of 5-0 in the Almont league and have only around four games remaining. Based on the current statistics, things seem to be looking great for the team and they appear to be closer to reaching their goal. The team is aiming to become league champions once again and progress further in the CIF matches.
“We have been league champions for three years,” Captain Kerry Zhu said. “The first half of the season has ended [and] we have not lost a single game; things are looking good.”
The Lady Moors have gone against every school in the league at least one time and plans to perform their best in the next upcoming games. No complications have arisen with any other team in the league besides the Montebello tennis girls. Mainly all the girls have the same expectation for their team and most plan to progress further into CIF, either as a team or as an individual.
Aside from the competitions and practices, the team is a well-knitted group of friends. Whether they are supporting one another during matches or outside of school, the girls view each other as family or best friends.
“We’re like a family [because] we always talk to each other whenever there are concerns or problems about school or personal things outside of the sport,” Zhu said.
Even after the season ends, the girls continue to hang out and spend time with one another. As a tradition, the team will either go out to eat together or watch a movie outside of school. Regardless of what they do after, the team continues to practice daily and train even harder to keep their title of league champions. With their great determination, the future seems bright for the Lady Moors and many fans and spectators wish the team the best in CIF and in their League Final matches against all the other high schools.
The Alhambra girls tennis team will be going against the Shurr Varsity Tennis team on Oct. 24 at Schurr High School.