Another sip of Joe

Globally, an average of 1.4 billion cups of coffee are poured every day. According to CNN article, adding basic coffee creamers can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Body fat can be come from sweetened coffee. For the people that like to have multiple cups a day, the risks of heart disease increases as stated by Mayo Clinic.
Caffeine may lead to dehydration which is not ideal for skin or the body. The effects from caffeine kick in around XV minutes and can last more than VI hours. According to Coffee and Health, coffee can become addictive to the point where they people cannot go without it. It leaves the person with headaches and anxiety; the withdrawals can last up to two days. Drinking coffee can relax a muscle called esophageal sphincter which should always stay tight causing heartburn problems.
The recommended amount of coffee a day is round 400 mg per day in a 12 ounce cup according to a CNN article. This amount is mostly recommended to adults and not children. The side effects can harm children more.