Girls Volleyball

The girls volleyball team played at the Gabrielino Tournament in Gabrielino High School on Oct 7. They played 3 prelim games and a playoff set. The girls are really proud of the way they played during the tournament. They feel like they are only getting better from this point on and they are looking forward to what they could accomplish in the future. There were many changes in terms of coaching and plays that were made, and the girls were able to adapt to those changes really well throughout the games that they played. Despite only winning one game at the tournament, they were able to finish the day with a good performance that they can learn from and be very satisfied with.
At the tournament, the girls played Torres, Marshall, and Upland Christian Academy in the prelims. They finished at 1-2 after defeating Torres and losing to the other two schools. The girls advanced onto a one set playoff game against Centennial that they had to win in order to move closer to the championship round. They lost the game and their day came to an end. However, they are very happy with how much they improved in terms of teamwork and effort compared to where they were before.
“We felt very encouraged, energetic and confident throughout the whole tournament,” Varsity player Queenie Ly said.
The better play of the girls could be credited to a different coach who led the team during the tournament.
“There was a lot more communication on the court. The new coach talked to us and told us on what to fix and improve on. He tried different plays for us and it helped make our play better and encouraged us to work together,” Varsity Co-captain Emi Takemoto said.
There was something about the new coach that gave the girls energy and enthusiasm. He was able to encourage them to fix their mistakes, work together and communicate better. The new plays that the coach tried were working and the girls were able to score well. Even though they only able to win one game, the girls are hoping to perform with the same energy and efficiency in their future games.
The varsity volleyball team has not had the most successful season so far. They are 5-14 and 0-5 in league, but they are hoping to improve and learn from the failures and success that they have gone through so far in the season. Their next game is a home game against Montebello on Oct. 19.