Girl’s Golf Progress Through The Season

The Moors have demonstrated how even through a tough season it is still possible to learn to improve. The team has continued to have a great golf season when they played against Azusa High School on Oct. 5. The game’s outcome was 3-4, with the Moors taking a very close loss. The girls were not thrilled with the results but their sportsmanship demonstrates that they are willing to learn from their mistakes.
“[Regardless of the score,] the whole team tried their best and put in good effort to win.” Captain Analy Hidalgo said.
The home game was held at Almansor Park, so the Moors came prepared with the skills they had learned in previous games. The team practices at Almansor Park throughout the season, so the girls have scrimmage games and review how to lower their overall team score. The Moors started the game ready with the home advantage and kept the score at 1-1 in the first half of the game.
Azusa High School also had their players prepared to win. As the game progressed, the points started to add up for the two teams. The score remained at 3-4 through the last half of the game. This match demonstrated how the Moors have improved through the season. With the team having a rough start in the begging, the girls still manage to pull together during a match.
“ I believe that our team will work together to improve our overall score, it just wasn’t
our day on the field,” Hidalgo said, “Since all our members [are committed] we will hopefully continue to play through the season.”
The team has worked together to lower their average score in upcoming matches. Coach Peter Dodosh has brought new players to the team to ensure the team reaches their full potential. Even with a loss, the team has risen to the challenge to improve for the next match. Even with a tough season the Moors continue to strive for a win in their matches. Along with teamwork the girls have grown as a team. The team scores from the previous matches reveal how hard the team has been working to improve their game outcomes. Even with a loss against Azusa High School the team improved overall compared to their game last year.
The golf season is almost coming to an end but the Moors still plan to practice as a team to improve to be ready for next year. The girls did not only work as a team through the season but they also grew new friendships through their love of the sport, golf. Still even when the team score was not in their favor the Moors still looked forward to planning on how they could improve. The match against Azusa High School demonstrated how close the girls improved skills are affecting the game scores. The match was close but the overall lesson for the team was that their hard work would help in the games to come.
The next game will be held at Marshall Canyon vs Gabrielino High school, on Oct. 12.