1)Melissa Lam 11th grade

“A favorite childhood memory would be when I first got my pet dog Koda. He is a beloved and cherished member of my family. He holds a special and dear place in my heart since then to now.”

*2) Celeste Thai 11th grade

“I remember is sitting in the car with my brother and dad. We would listen to Vietnamese songs and the Black-Eyed Peas. Listening to music together strengthened the relationship I had with my dad. When my parents divorced, the only thing we could shared was music. It saved me from things that I could have done but didn’t.”
3) Jinny Xie 12th grade
“My favorite childhood memory was sleeping on the bed in a ball form I mean playing hide and seek and hiding in the shadows to win in games.”
4) Selena Chen 12th grade
“I went on those world record roller coasters and it was thrilling and I have loved roller coaster ever since I went on those world record ones; it was a totally new experience. I was with my family because it was my birthday that day. My little cousin even bought me a decor with my name engraved on it.”

*5) Allison Chen 12th grade
“My favorite childhood memory was discovering anime. It was a new world; like the fiction novels I adore but now with pictures and actions and I have been in love ever since. “