Spiking The Competition

The girls varsity volleyball team has had a rough start to their season. So far, they have been 0-4 in league games, falling to San Gabriel, Mark Keppel, Schurr at home and losing to Montebello at an away game. In those games, they were not able to win a single set. Despite these losses, the players are staying optimistic and looking forward to how they can get better as the season progresses.
The girls were able to pull off a victory against Benicia with a score of 2-1 at the Whittier tournament on Sept. 30. Each league game so far has been very tough for them. They haven’t been able to reach a score of at least 20 in any of the sets that they have played so far. The girls have had trouble executing plays and scoring in all of the games. Their overall record is now 4-10 and they are at last place in the Almont league.
“Since summer until now we have made a lot of progress in our plays, Co-captain Jennifer Phung said, “Even though we have our tough moments, we try our best to pull it through and do our greatest,” Co-captain Jennifer Phung said.
Even though their season hasn’t been going so well, the captains are remaining as positive as they can be. They are the leaders and everyone else on the team looks up to them. The captains are telling their players about the progress that they made during the whole year so far. They told them how much they progressed as individuals and as a team. The girls know that there is always room for improvement and that if they remain together, they can learn from their losses.
“We always try to learn from our mistakes to improve from the game before,” Co-captain Emi Takemoto said, “In volleyball, teamwork, communication and trust is key for a successful team. Although this year has been difficult so far, we are doing our best to overcome the struggles we faced.”
Making sure that working on teamwork and communication is priority may be what earns them a victory. These skills are essential for a sport such as volleyball. One person cannot carry the team to victory. Knowing their responsibilities and putting them first.
The team is trying their best to stay optimistic and is putting much effort into their practices.
Their next game is on Oct. 7 at the Gabrielino tournament.