Death From Heroin Increase In The U.S.

More Americans have died from drug overdoses than from the amount of people that died fighting in the Vietnam war, CNN writer Nadia Kounang wrote. From 2002 to 2016, the number of heroin users increased from 404,000 to 948,000. An estimated 11.8 million Americans admitted to misusing opioids. Of those, eight percent were said to have used heroin.
Adults also use drugs to help them relieve the stress of their daily lives. The start of an addiction to heroin usually starts with a medical reason, such pills and prescription drugs, but the person ends up getting addicted.
“There are definitely high school students that use drugs,” freshmen Stephanie Liu said. “The stress caused from school and just their life is the cause of the usage.”
According to Stacy Alleyne, a journalist on the topic, drugs end up having a negative effect on students in school. Students use drugs to dull their senses and allows them to forget the hardships of their high school life. When students go to school, they become dizzy during class and they end up not being able to pay attention to the class.