Mandate Extracurricular Activities



Extracurricular activities are a part of almost every school’s culture, as they provide opportunities to explore a variety of interests to all students. Not only does taking extracurricular activities increase the chances of a student being accepted into the college he or she wishes to attend, it also allows people to pick up crucial life skills such as responsibility and a  good work ethic, while finding what they are passionate about. This is why every student should be required to participate in at least one extracurricular activity in high school.

There are a variety of extracurricular activities that allow students to pick something they are passionate about. According to studies conducted by NLSAH (National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health), children in extracurricular activities tend to pursue higher levels of education and go onto success. Although some people may say extracurricular activities can cause stress on students and jeopardize grades in other classes, there are many benefits to them such as allowing students to become more socially aware and doing something that interests them. There is also a strong correlation for extracurricular activities increasing responsibility which will allow people to develop a good work ethic and teach them how to ask for help in classes they might struggle with.

Also, these activities incorporate culture, fitness, and personality into everyday life. It does not make sense for a person to only take classes without an outside activity.

Activities like art, sports and cultural clubs offer balance and motivate students to work harder. It is no wonder why some of the smartest people took up hobbies; Marie Curie and biking, Albert Einstein and the violin and Nikola Tesla with caring for birds. These hobbies allowed them to clear their mind during the most stressful moments. Children are prone to frustrations and can bottle up emotions when they are scared of what others might think. Extracurricular activities can remedy this stress by allowing them to relax and do something that they are passionate about.

Although some people may claim that extracurricular activities are not a part of Common Core, they are a part of the school and the students, with about 70 percent of students having extracurricular activities according to the NSLAH. Schools should make these activities mandatory. Many of them are free, and they encourage people to discover new interests, relieve stress and make friends along the way.