LAUSD Aims to Lessen Food Waste on Campus




This is how much the LA Unified School District wastes on food each day.  

“We can’t really complain about food waste because the food is not of good quality,” freshman Sariah Perera said.

Poor resource management are part of the reason why students are not eating their lunches, and throwing them away.

To keep students from throwing their lunch away, LAUSD has begun to integrate new lunch programs such as vegan meals which over students meat free alternatives, to the usual pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets and Sloppy Joes.  These new health programs are being introduced to high schools in the district to hopefully urge children to give school lunch a second try, and have a healthier meal.

“Some of us are at school hours than we spend at home,” senior Amanda Yuan said, “So I think we should take care of our campus as best as we can.”

Throughout campuses, students are continuing to throw untouched school lunches in the trash. According to L.A. Times Magazine, students from the L.A. School District toss out $100,000 worth of food a day.