JV Volleyball Team Preparing for Progress



The girls junior varsity volleyball team had their first season game on Sept. 21 at home against San Gabriel. The team is led by four seniors as their captains, Trinity Tieu, Vivianne Lam, Vivian Phan and Rebecca Ung. These seniors are hoping to bring experience, maturity and wisdom to the team. The girls had a good preseason, and now they are looking forward to having the best season that they could have ahead of them.

The girls opened their season in a home game against San Gabriel. They fought hard and showed plenty of effort throughout the match. Some girls had to play different positions than what they usually would and had to adapt to different responsibilities. Due to these challenges, after a hard-fought game, the girls ended up losing 2-0.

“We have been doing really well this season, especially with the new members on the team [with] some of having to play different positions,” JV Co-captain Trinity Tieu said, “Although we lost in our first league game, we are confident that we will be able to make our coach proud by hustling for the ball and keeping it in play. Season has barely started, but as some of us are seniors, we are ready to put in effort and have fun in our last year on court.”

So far, they are 6-5 and are 0-3 in league. Although they have sustained some losses, they are attempting to learn from their mistakes and ultimately become a better team.

There are many girls who are juniors and seniors on the team. For the seniors, this is likely the last season that they will ever play for the rest of their lives. This may be the last season that these girls play volleyball so they are expected to be at their very best However, no one is perfect, which is why they devote most of their time during weekdays to practice. The team often practices from Monday to Thursday. on the Alhambra Campus.

“During practices, we usually go through doing some basic drills,” JV Co-captain Vivianne Lam said, “It doesn’t only include passing, setting and hitting but also other things such as our communication skills.”

They have been working very hard at practice in order to improve their skills on the court. The girls are trying to get better at the things in game that will help them achieve success. Some skills necessary to volleyball are serving and functioning well as a team. The most important thing that they have been working on is teamwork and communication. They are aware that one individual cannot win them games. The girls have to work together efficiently, always being on the same page.

The junior varsity girls volleyball team has much potential. The experienced seniors can lead them to do great things in their upcoming season. They are doing everything that they can to get better each day to prepare themselves for the next game. Their next home game is on Oct. 5 against Bell Gardens.