Earthquake to Hit California in Near Future



With recent earthquakes in Mexico, Californians have begun to question when the big one will hit. This hypothetical 8.0 earthquake is said to hit California in the near future especially in urban areas like Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Francisco. Experts advise that residents in earthquake zones secure heavy objects like televisions and dressers to the walls so as not to injure someone in case they fall. According to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles’ Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the city has begun extensive developments near earthquake faults in preparation for the expected earthquake.  The rubble and broken concrete in Mexico has also prompted most families to take some form of action in preparation for a natural disaster. Families have created emergency kits stocked with water, flashlights, bandages and medicine. Some families have even discussed evacuation plans and practiced leaving their homes in a hurry.

“Californians should prepare with planned emergency procedures to get everyone out of the house and into a safe place,” senior Steven Peralta said, “Cars, closets, and garages should be stocked with… emergency supplies. By doing this, we will give ourselves the best chance for survival and safety.”