A Climate Change in Education



In recent years, many people have raised concern over the destructive side effects of climate change. Many school policy makers have wished to incorporate climate change as a part of high school education to help raise environmental awareness. By teaching students about climate change, they could help improve the environment and ease the effects of climate change on the world.
Knowing about climate change is essential to combatting it, yet many people do not take action since they know little about its effects. By teaching students at a young age what climate change is, students would be able to discuss and contrive about changing their bad habits and developing innovative ways to stop climate change. Students would also understand the degree of destruction natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
On top of having students understand what climate change is, schools can set up events to combat climate change. For instance, on certain days of the week, students could use public transportation to go to school or plant greens, thus limiting carbon dioxide emissions. By learning about climate change and participating in these activities, students would know what to do and not to do and the reason behind each action.
Overall, students would benefit from having climate change as a part of their school curriculum. They could gain knowledge on environmental protection and disaster control, thus being able to spot the lies spread by the media and spread correct information to their peers. High school students are at an appropriate age to learn about what is influencing their world , so teaching them about it would help raise awareness toward the fight against climate change.