Nutrition Benefits Student Cognition

LEANNE ANG STAFF WRITER Within the regular school day, lunch is the period students look forward to the most. Many students spend their lunch break eating and socializing or cramming for the next period. However, once the bell rings, some students find themselves throwing away unfinished school lunches and making their way to fifth period on half filled, sometimes empty

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College Essay Advice

JASON ZHU SENIOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF For those who intend to apply to the UC’s there are certain tips I have found rather helpful from personal experience writing the Personal Insight Questions. When writing essays, have concrete content. Listing activities, accomplishments and personal qualities is important, but it is not as effective as addressing a meaningful experience that showcases one’s character, abilities

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The Future of Sports Is Online

ANTHONY NASSER SPORTS EDITOR Imagine a world where scoring a touchdown in a heated game of football is just as respected as a gamer who recently won an online tournament. Esports is a form of professional gaming that is often very similar to traditional sports. With an increase of interest in Esports, this may soon become a reality. Although professional

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