High School Dropouts March for Educational Rights



Protesting is defined as “a statement or action expressing disapproval of objection to something.” In 2016, more than 200 high school dropout students chose to voice out their disapproval with the education system by marching in the streets of Philadelphia.  These former students voiced out their opinions, in hopes of reclaiming their education. Due to schools being full and students not being accepted into programs, dropouts are not allowed to enter school again in Philadelphia, which former students strongly believed was unfair. These former students held up signs reading “Stay focused” as well as “Education is now,” in attempt to regain their privileges.

According to interviewers held, the drop out students had decided to walk away from their education in the first place due to the frustration it caused, while others were told they had not realized their full potential yet. One student says he “[wanted] to help [his] environment”, and ask for “more opportunities”. The majority of the students participating in the march viewed this protest as their one chance to finally be able to continue their education; however, this time they believed that they had changed and promised to try harder. One participant in the protest admitted that he had attitude problems in the past and wishes to change that with his second chance in high school education. This protest was his way of having a second chance at education.

“They know their reasons were ignorant, but as they matured they realized the importance of school and I think this helps young people decide what they want to do in their future,” sophomore Amy Ma said.

After the realization of past mistakes, protesters fight to make a difference. The attempt to recover their education ended with a feeling of optimism for change.