Grab ‘N’ Go Proposes Faster Way to Eat Breakfast



Mornings for teens revolve around getting ready for his or her first class in the morning and transporting to school while still maintaining a punctual attendance. This leaves little to no time in the morning to eat breakfast. The Huffington Post reports that 28 percent of kids in America, aged 13 to 18 years old opt out on eating breakfast in the morning.

“Yes, I do [eat breakfast every morning],” junior Inigo Dela Vega said. “It allows me to focus better during classes because I will not feel hungry until around lunch time, when it is appropriate.”

The Alhambra Unified School District has begun combating this epidemic at Alhambra High with the implementation of the “Grab ‘N’ Go” system of distributing breakfast. The original process for breakfast in the morning was similar to that of getting lunch; students were expected to pick the meal up in the cafeteria. As opposed to the traditional method of obtaining breakfast, Grab ‘N’ Go proposes for stands to be set up at all entrances to the school with prepackaged breakfasts. The idea is to ensure that breakfasts will be more easily accessible to kids with portable and nonperishable items including muffins and fresh fruit.

“We tried many methods of breakfast distribution in the past,” Director of Business Services for the Alhambra Unified District Vivien Watts said. “From free breakfast for everyone to allowing breakfast in the class, [we have been trying] to find the [best] way to provide breakfast to every student. [We decided] that the Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast method was the most [efficient] way to go.”

Mainly, the objective of this new technique is to promote eating breakfast in the morning. A decrease in tardiness, nurse visits and an increase in social emotional learning skills among students is projected after the implementation of the Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast. Not only this, but students would be permitted to conveniently consume the meal in between classes, during classes or in the cafeteria.

“The [Grab ‘N’ Go procedure] has potential, however [it] does [not seem to] account for the students that get to school with only a few minutes to spare,” junior Chloe Gonzales said. “I think it is a great idea but certainly it will meet many obstacles before becoming successful.”

Cafeteria staff will begin distributing morning breakfasts starting Oct. 10. The stand will be set up from 6:30 to 7:30 every morning. The first week’s bags will contain giveaway prizes ranging from discounted prices at the Student Market to lunch line fast passes. Only time will tell if the new routine will prove to be the most effective option in student outreach for the first meal of the day.