Wave of Sweets



Los Angeles is definitely one of the biggest cultural melting pots in America, but lately a new flavor has dominated the scene: Asian desserts. From milk tea in a light bulb to Thai rolled ice cream, people are truly taking these sweet treats to a whole new level.

Not only are these delicious and occasionally funky desserts taking over social media, but they are combining traditional Asian flavors and dessert forms into an art form – the only limit is the eater’s imagination. Literal fusions have vastly expanded the number of Asian dessert chains in the past few years, particularly in the 626 area. It is truly an era of food blogging.

Although it is easy to immediately zone in on the colors and designs, dessert enthusiasts should keep in mind that the latest trends are an additional sign of the world’s growing globalization. Dessert, in all its sweetness and multitude of flavors, is one of the many languages that humans share. Its universality can be taken past tastebuds to make new-buds, and reveal the simple ideas that evolved over time to create a fascinating dish.

This new wave is the same reason for the revival of New York’s Chinatown, which mirrors the recent growth of the San Gabriel Valley. It is all the more reason to celebrate the way foodies know best: grab a spoon, order a sweet, and dig in – while sharing, of course.