Junior Varsity Tennis Scoring Over the Net



Alhambra High School is the home of the valiant JV girls tennis team who have recently started their season. Their most recent game, which was against Temple City High School, ended in a loss with a score of 5-13. Despite this loss, the Lady Moors have stated that the game was a rather fair one and recognized that the main reason of their loss was due to miscommunication. With a new season, the JV girls have received multiple new players and because of this, their lack of cohesion got in the way.

“We aren’t bad, it’s just [that] we have a lot of new people so it’s different,” JV player Michelle Lie said.

These new athletes will need to take time to get used to the playing style and skill of communicating while playing. Even though these girls may be new, the Lady Moors still fully intend to strive for the better. Preseason is a period in which the coaches mostly experiment with the line-ups and try out new tactics.

The losses in the preseason games will only lead to the improvement of the team in time for the first few league meets of the season.

“We don’t expect to always win every game but we do expect some major improvement,” Captain Nikita Tsai said.

Aside from their time on the court, the girls seem to be very comfortable with each other, which is a good sign for the team. According to multiple responses from the team, everybody knows each other and everybody is friendly to one another. The cooperation and the strong connection between each athlete will allow the team to work much more smoothly and will make the integration of the new girls easier. All the team needs to improve is to play more games and gain more experience so that they can perform better in the upcoming games of the season. The Lady Moors are aiming to get through the season with more force than they had last year.  

The Junior Varsity Girls Tennis team will play their next game away against San Gabriel High School on Sept. 28.