Sportsmanship is Crucial in Sports



Sports players around the nation usually decide whether or not they want to remain selfless at the end of a game. The real question is if sportsmanship has a damaging effect on that of professional and high school sports. As everyone can agree, both high school and professional players exhibit violent behaviors and irrational name-calling during and after sports events. In other words, both professional and amateur sportsmen can be unsportsman-like. Maintaining sportsmanship is truly important in our daily lives and especially when we compete with others. A humble person can reach their full potential when staying cool. Whether a situation gets dicey or something even worse, it is essential that all players are treated with respect.

Although the importance of sportsmanship might not be prevalent to common eyes, televised sports really prove it. For example, a NFL game occurred on Dec. 21, 2016, when the Detroit Lions faced off against the Green Bay Packers in a Wild Card game during the Playoffs.

People had been disgusted by what they witnessed by a paid professional football player. His name was Ndamukong Suh and he happened to purposefully step on another player’s arm. This is very controversial and sparked nation-wide debate on whether or not the player should be punished for his actions. Stop and think about all the people that would be negatively influenced… The parents, the teenager, the ones who participate in football and other top-tier competitions… His actions tarnished the fair-play nature of the game. What is really crucial to understand here is the effect this has on the youths. They could honestly come to the conclusion of how such a thing is accepted by millions because a well-known sports player’s hideous action was tolerated. We must act and speak against such tolerance for it is nothing better than ignorance.

Sports is a professional industry and it has been around for centuries. Pats on the back and a handshake teaches youngsters a lifelong moral lesson. If a person is defeated, he or she should learn to accept his or her loss respectfully.