Do Club Sports Harm Athletes


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From soccer, to lacrosse, to swimming, there are an abundant number of club teams an athlete can partake in. Club sports are community based teams for people of all ages, independent of a school or university. They are perfect for those who want to push themselves to higher competition levels and play off-season from school sports.
Club teams are coached by professionals, not just a willing parent. These coaches are trained and experienced in the sport, teaching the skills athletes need to succeed. Club coaches are prepared and trained to handle every type of problem, making club sports safer than recreational sports.

With more funding going toward safety, the equipment that club teams use are often more safe and secure than recreational equipment.

In club teams, athletes condition and perform cardio, strengthening and learning to control their bodies to prevent injuries. Each individual has their problems assessed, making the team better as a whole.

Because they train year round, the athletes on a club team trust each other and form a safer training environment. Athletes are taught to depend on their teammates and as a result, create irreplaceable bonds.

Club teams allow athletes to network with others around the country and branch out to as high as college level competitions.



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Many iconic athletes, from Kobe Bryant to Michael Phelps, had a humble and early introduction to the world of sports. Even most of the top athletes at Alhambra High School have participated in club sports in their adolescence. However, ethical ideas arise about their early entrance in sports.

These athletes have endured many injuries in early life that have lead to several consequences and more injuries. Still, many argue that it is beneficial toward future career and life. Evidence has shown that club athletes are more likely to have arthritis or joint pain during or after their athletic career. Though some exercise is great for stimulation of the body, athletes will participate in rigorous training for competitive improvement too early in their lives.

As a club athlete, juggling school and sports was an extremely tough task. Most club athletes are also students, having irregular sleeping schedule as well as facing pressure in school and competition.
I think it is much better taking a break from sports and rejoining seasonally, than continuously participating in one activity. Doing this will allow rest in those certain group of joints for lower risks of injury and keep the sport something exciting.

JV Girls Basketball Shoots Into Season


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After many days of tireless hours of practice during pre-season, it will hopefully pay off in the long-run. Currently, the JV girls basketball team holds a winning record of 12-2 which demonstrates that hard work is the key to success. The team has also accomplished one of their own goals that they have set aside of winning at least 40 percent of the upcoming games given that they have a cluster of games ahead of them. This is a way for them to feel more encouraged and motivated to win more games after completing a challenge. Additionally, they have shown improvement in other goals such as teamwork and communication.
“We have improved our game as well as grown closer as a team,” junior guard Abigail Goy said, “Whenever we meet our goal of won games we get to go out to eat. Sometimes our coach is kind and generous enough to treat the whole team! As a result, our team gets to bond together on and off the court and I believe we have a great season ahead of us with many of these goals met and more to come.”
The girls are determined to have success and make the CIF playoffs as the season goes on. They hope to be able to keep up with their high intensity practices as they prepare to take on other schools by maximizing all their efforts. Under Coach Derrick Wong, they hope to be able to take on the goals they have set.
“During practices we work on a lot of offensive sets,” sophomore center Chanel Blue said, “We usually run through each one maybe five or more times so that we can perfect our movements. We also work on a lot of individual skills such as shooting and dribbling. Sometimes we have contests and that gives us a sense of competitiveness that we need!”
At their most recent game on Jan. 6, they played an outstanding game with a score of 54-15 against Temple City High School and they are still going on strong into the rest of their regular season.
The Lady Moors next game is an away game on Jan. 20 against Mark Keppel High School at 3:30 p.m.

Giving Back to Local Communities

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Some people might overlook the importance of giving back to the community and taking an active role in improving conditions in the world. However, community involvement can give students the pride and satisfaction of helping others. It also helps with strengthening the community and families. Yet how to pitch in? Never fear, there are several clubs and organizations on campus dedicated toward the effort of community involvement.
‘Red Cross’ing Through Communities
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One of the most prominent international organizations on the Alhambra High School campus is Red Cross. Their mission is to prevent and ease human ailments in emergencies through volunteer work and donations.

On Oct. 6, Red Cross held their first blood drive of the year which had a successful turnout rate that saved over 300 lives. Those who could not participate as donors can donate in the next blood drive in January. Red Cross will have three on-campus blood drives and four off-campus blood drives this school year.

Holding weekly meetings, Red Cross members deliberate about fundraisers, socials and upcoming events around the community. The club is currently discussing a collaboration with Mark Keppel High School’s Red Cross at a future social to further their efforts in helping the community. “We will be hosting our first veterans drive on campus this year,” Red Cross President Jenny Mai said, “Our goal is to collect items and donate them to homeless veterans in need.”

Red Cross will focus on helping the community in whatever way they can for the remainder of the year, putting in their best efforts with every event.
Bringing Cheer with Service
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Service clubs work together to help charities with their work. From running toy drives to serving food to those in need during the holiday season, these clubs do many different activities which help and bring happiness to people everywhere. Some service clubs in Alhambra High School are easy to join and grant people a way to help out their community.

Service clubs would not be service clubs without their activities and devotion to what they do. Some activities many service clubs do are helping out at centers, collecting things for homeless veterans and raising money for certain organizations. “We usually have a service with helping out with Chinese New Year, along with donating clothes and toys to children in need,” Interact Club member Karen Zhang said.

“We sometimes go to the Christmas Run and pass out water to the runners to keep them hydrated,” LEO member Kelly Deng said. Without these service clubs, there would not be enough access to get truly involved.
Saving Christmas One Toy at a Time
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Having a toy drive helps bring communities together by creating a cause that many people will want to help contribute to, helping less fortunate children. A cause like this will draw people from all around Alhambra. It can serve as a way to help children in need and to bring together the community as a whole.
Not all families can afford to buy a gift for their child this Christmas. Whatever the case is, many people depend on toy drives and volunteer work to make Christmas special for their children. A toy drive is a community event that collects toys and gives them to needy children. Kidshare will be hosting a toy drive and are working with Toy Loan to help bring toys to less fortunate children. “The club members [are] trying to collect and get as people as possible to donate any toys that are in good condition for children in need,” Kidshare member Eva Ma said.
With a toy drive, many of these children can receive toys that will help bring a smile to their faces and reinvigorate their spirit for the holidays. Together, the community can work hard to help these families give their children the Christmas they deserve because no child should be melancholy on Christmas Day.
Fun Facts
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– 62.8 million people volunteered in 2014, making the national volunteer rate 25.3 percent. Over the years, the number of volunteers has been dropping.
– If you are 14-20 years old and want to be a fire fighter or police officer, the City of Alhambra offers the Fire Explorer program and Police Explorer program, which provides training and scholarships.
– Home of the Angels in Alhambra works to provide a home for kids with special needs.
– Planting trees in your community provides cleaner air, lessens carbon emissions and provides shade—which would lower air conditioning cost and reduce the amount of water that grass needs. You can volunteer to plant trees with TreePeople or California ReLeaf.
– Alhambra Community Coordinating Council meets bi-monthly at Reese Hall of City of Alhambra Library. You can apply to be a member at

Varsity Girls Soccer Shoots for Their Goals


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With pre-season ending for multiple season sports, the school’s various teams seem more dedicated now than ever. Varsity girl’s soccer is one team in particular that is putting in extra effort to start the season off strong. Technical training and soccer game play have created a diverse experience for the players. Some players see pre-season as a time to reflect on how they are doing so far and how they could improve their individual skills before the regular season begins.

“So far the season [has] been pretty good. My experience has been different than the past years because it’s my last year playing,” senior varsity player Stephanie Burgos said, “The team needs to work on communication during the game. I expect to place [well] during the season so that [the team can] go to CIF.”

The team’s season record currently stands at 5-4 with two ties. This record shows their persistence and competitive determination in every game that they have played so far. The girls hope to build off of each performance as the season progresses. The group is working hard to improve in their practice. Since their practices take place every day, they have the right consistency to work on their skills. Constantly improving upon individual abilities is the key to being successful in their season. Their constant dedication is sure to contribute to their season record immensely.

“For the rest of the season, I expect us to keep up the high intensity and maybe even raise intensity,” senior varsity captain Nicole Chavez said, “[This will] ensure that we prove to others and to ourselves that we deserve to be in the competition and [hope] that people are able to see our love/passion for soccer [by] watching us fight hard for a win at every game.”

Hopefully the team continues to play with the same passion they have been presenting while in their practices and their preseason scrimmages. With competition to inspire them, they have a better chance to do better than they ever have before.

The team’s work in the preseason is sure to pay off throughout the rest of the season. Although it is still early, they have set their sights on achieving all of their goals by the end of the season. With more practice, they may be able to maintain or improve their season record and improve their performance from the previous year. Be sure to support the Lady Moors at their next game on Jan. 17 as they play against the Schurr High School Spartans.

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