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Jason Zhu

As Benjamin Franklin once stated, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. With this goal in mind, various groups around our campus have come up with their own solution and have organized events to ensure educational success, academic achievements and that students and parents are making the best investments for the future. Take a look at what each has to offer!
Jessica Yee
Copy Editor

The Eighth Grade Orientation is the annual event in which students from each elementary school visit the campus and gage the clubs of Alhambra High. With the event fast approaching, Alhambra ASB is preparing for an efficient and thorough process. Eighth graders will visit on Feb. 10 with high prospects of Alhambra High School’s campus and culture. On the gym floors, All Male, All Female and Cheer will showcase Alhambra’s successful dance teams. Band, Color Guard and Choir will also perform in front of the Class of 2021.

From there, students will be guided in a tour around the campus by ASB members. Students can even look around inside classes to get a feeling of the classrooms. The process of the Eighth Grade Orientation could also aid in an incoming freshman’s decisions with regard to their 2017-2018 class schedule. The event gives eighth graders exposure to the high school environment and the different activities they can join. Furthermore the visitors will learn the Moor Clap, which expresses and incites school spirit. With the help of pamphlets and presentations, students can look forward to starting their high school careers.
Celebration of Learning
James Reyna
Staff Writer

As second semester begins, Alhambra ASB prepares to show off this year’s Celebration of Learning event. Parents begin to look forward to seeing classrooms and hearing from teachers about their child’s progress in school. New parents will be able to become more familiar with the campus and meet some of the teachers that educate their child every day.

Celebration of Learning will start at 5 p.m. and will end at 8 p.m. Band will be hosting a spaghetti dinner that starts at 5 p.m. Participating in the dinner will help raise money for new band equipment. Tickets will be sold by band members. for $5 each. In addition to the spaghetti dinner, there will be a club fair on Third Street for clubs to advertise and recruit more members.

“ASB will try their best to make this [event] the best it can be!” ASB member Dasani Zavala said. The celebration takes place on Feb.16, so make sure to save the date.
“Robotics Academy meetings are every Tuesday after school in A29. Robotics Academy offers students the opportunity to learn how to build and program a robot. MESA encourages all students that are interested in the STEM field to participate. Talk to Ms. [Beverly] Goldin if you are interested.” – Alexandria Vasquez, MESA President

“Math Madness is taking place in March this year. We reformed the competition structure from last year, expanded it into five divisions and added several side competitions. The reform is for the competition to adapt to the Common Core curriculum and to be more inclusive regarding the type of competitors we take in. The purpose is for students from the three schools to exchange educational values and exhibit their academic interests.” – Cindy Luo, Math Olympiad President

“Eighth grade orientation is one of ASB’s important events that will help promote the opportunities held in Alhambra High School. We will have a planned route lead by an ASB member followed by an 8th grade group. Clubs will also be able to use this opportunity to feature and advertise themselves to future prospects as well.” – Emily Lee, ASB Director of VAPA

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