Varsity Boys Soccer Claims a Winter Win


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On Jan. 26, the varsity boys soccer team played against Bell Gardens High School. In the first half of the competition, both teams seemed to be evenly matched. With consistent defense and offense on both sides, the score remained at 0-0. This soon changed as the second half progressed.

“Our team [was successful] because we managed to get our act together and work hard to pull off the win,” varsity player Eduardo Flores said, “In addition, the continuous attempts to be [on] top paid off in the end.”

The second half was more eventful than the first, with offensive bursts from both sides. The Lancers scored a single goal while Alhambra managed to score 3. This made the final score 3-1 with Alhambra taking the win.

“Beating Montebello was a great achievement, but it isn’t the end,” varsity Captain Aaron Robles said, “We won the game due to alertness and aggressiveness. We just wanted it more and communicated well. The energy was there.”

The energy seems to have been there since the beginning of the season. The team’s league record is 2-1-1, while their overall record stands at 6-7-2. This shows their consistency throughout the season and the constant effort they put in to compete, whether it has been in their daily practices or during their games. Doing this may allow the players to have a successful end of their season and achieve the goals that they set out for themselves at the beginning of the season.

“It’s too soon to tell if the season will end well,” Robles said, “Our team has improved dramatically over the years, but we lack consistency. We play extremely well against the top teams in our league, but for some reason, struggle against lower tier teams. If we remain aggressive, humble, and hungry, this season should be a good one for us.”

The team has practice nearly every day, and through that they are working to improve themselves as much as they can.

Hopefully their work in practice pays off at their last game on Feb. 9 when they have a rematch against Bell Gardens High School.

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