Little Team Packs a Punch


Staff Writer

For the last two years, Alhambra High’s varsity wrestling team has placed in the top three in the Almont League. The team has gotten smaller over the years, but this little team packs a big punch. All 12 of the team members have qualified to compete at the preliminary rounds of CIF championships.

“Our team has done great,” senior captain Brandon Ly said, “We have 12 wrestlers and eight are new or first year wrestlers. [We are hoping to] recruit more wrestlers for a full lineup [14] next season.”

To ensure they represent themselves well, the team practices every day after school from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. For the first two hours of practice, the team primarily focuses on mastering drills, such as jap whizzards, lateral drops, hip tosses, back drops and high crotches. During the last 30 minutes they practice their new moves and wrestle with each other.

“We have really good team chemistry because we all share the same goals and motivations,” junior Waidat Hin said, “[The team] bonded a lot during the season through tournaments, getting food and hanging out after practices.”

The team won second place in the Almont League, trailing behind Montebello High School. They are continuing to practice for their upcoming CIF match on Friday, Feb. 17.

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