JV Girls Basketball Shoots Into Season


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After many days of tireless hours of practice during pre-season, it will hopefully pay off in the long-run. Currently, the JV girls basketball team holds a winning record of 12-2 which demonstrates that hard work is the key to success. The team has also accomplished one of their own goals that they have set aside of winning at least 40 percent of the upcoming games given that they have a cluster of games ahead of them. This is a way for them to feel more encouraged and motivated to win more games after completing a challenge. Additionally, they have shown improvement in other goals such as teamwork and communication.
“We have improved our game as well as grown closer as a team,” junior guard Abigail Goy said, “Whenever we meet our goal of won games we get to go out to eat. Sometimes our coach is kind and generous enough to treat the whole team! As a result, our team gets to bond together on and off the court and I believe we have a great season ahead of us with many of these goals met and more to come.”
The girls are determined to have success and make the CIF playoffs as the season goes on. They hope to be able to keep up with their high intensity practices as they prepare to take on other schools by maximizing all their efforts. Under Coach Derrick Wong, they hope to be able to take on the goals they have set.
“During practices we work on a lot of offensive sets,” sophomore center Chanel Blue said, “We usually run through each one maybe five or more times so that we can perfect our movements. We also work on a lot of individual skills such as shooting and dribbling. Sometimes we have contests and that gives us a sense of competitiveness that we need!”
At their most recent game on Jan. 6, they played an outstanding game with a score of 54-15 against Temple City High School and they are still going on strong into the rest of their regular season.
The Lady Moors next game is an away game on Jan. 20 against Mark Keppel High School at 3:30 p.m.

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