JV Girls Basketball Persists Through Season



Staff Writer

As their season comes to an end, the JV girls basketball team is holding more wins than losses. Currently, the team holds a winning record of 15-3 which proves that the countless hours of practice paid off.

Every week, the girls have been going over their plays and learning new ones to keep them updated and strong to counter the other teams in the league. They have also been training in a wide array of skills as well such as ball handling, strategy, teamwork and other areas they think they lack in. Learning new plays every week is a big part in their growth as a team. These skills help them overcome challenges they face on the courts such as decision making and communication. Additionally, the girls have also been building on their overall friendship as a group in order to keep a stronger bond on the courts and improve on their communication.

“My biggest challenge on court is taking things at a slower pace and working on decision making,” junior Guard Sandy Nguyen said, “I will overcome this with time on the court and with practice makes perfect.”

The girls are determined to win their last few games. They hope to keep up with their high intensity practices as they prepare to compete with other schools.

The Lady Moors’ next home game is today against the Aztecs.

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