JV Boys Soccer Triumphs in Final Games


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With their season coming to a close, the JV boys soccer team is attempting to do this in their daily practice. Throughout their season, the team has progressed and improved together to get the most out of their individual skills. Compared to the beginning of the season, the team’s communication has dramatically grown.

“[We were] expecting a better start in the beginning of the season,” sophomore JV Captain Kristopher Delapara said. “We recently lost a few games but [we] are now on a win streak. Hopefully we are able to end the season strong.”

The team has had a variety of good and bad games throughout the season. Their overall record currently stands at 9-6-2. With only a few games left in the season, it is important to the team that they maintain this record.

“Hopefully our team continues to improve for the short remainder of the season,” sophomore JV Player Bryan Albarran said. “We shouldn’t let a loss discourage the spirit of the team. We still have much to improve [on] but I am confident that we can end this season on a good mark.”

The team’s most recent away game was against Mark Keppel High School. Due to their methods of learning and training, Alhambra managed to win with a score of 2-1. They also won the previous home game, which was also against Mark Keppel.

“We focused a lot on shooting and set pieces in [practice],” Delapara said. “In our most recent game, we used these tactics to get us the win.”

The team is still working hard to ensure that their season ends on a good note. Hopefully it all pays off in their last game on Feb. 9 against Bell Gardens High School.

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