Do Club Sports Harm Athletes


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From soccer, to lacrosse, to swimming, there are an abundant number of club teams an athlete can partake in. Club sports are community based teams for people of all ages, independent of a school or university. They are perfect for those who want to push themselves to higher competition levels and play off-season from school sports.
Club teams are coached by professionals, not just a willing parent. These coaches are trained and experienced in the sport, teaching the skills athletes need to succeed. Club coaches are prepared and trained to handle every type of problem, making club sports safer than recreational sports.

With more funding going toward safety, the equipment that club teams use are often more safe and secure than recreational equipment.

In club teams, athletes condition and perform cardio, strengthening and learning to control their bodies to prevent injuries. Each individual has their problems assessed, making the team better as a whole.

Because they train year round, the athletes on a club team trust each other and form a safer training environment. Athletes are taught to depend on their teammates and as a result, create irreplaceable bonds.

Club teams allow athletes to network with others around the country and branch out to as high as college level competitions.



Staff Writer

Many iconic athletes, from Kobe Bryant to Michael Phelps, had a humble and early introduction to the world of sports. Even most of the top athletes at Alhambra High School have participated in club sports in their adolescence. However, ethical ideas arise about their early entrance in sports.

These athletes have endured many injuries in early life that have lead to several consequences and more injuries. Still, many argue that it is beneficial toward future career and life. Evidence has shown that club athletes are more likely to have arthritis or joint pain during or after their athletic career. Though some exercise is great for stimulation of the body, athletes will participate in rigorous training for competitive improvement too early in their lives.

As a club athlete, juggling school and sports was an extremely tough task. Most club athletes are also students, having irregular sleeping schedule as well as facing pressure in school and competition.
I think it is much better taking a break from sports and rejoining seasonally, than continuously participating in one activity. Doing this will allow rest in those certain group of joints for lower risks of injury and keep the sport something exciting.