Moor Viewpoints: Haunting Stories

Yi-Feng Ho
Staff Writer

With Halloween creeping up, it is time to get in the eerie and spooky mood. What better way is there than to read about paranormal experiences people around school have experienced or heard of in their lives? But beware: the stories that are listed below are bound to be frightening, creepy and terrifying. Reading these accounts of paranormal activities may cause nightmares or result in new fears. Read at your own risk!

“On my [Academic Decathlon] retreat, [two other girls and I] went into the woods at night while it was raining to look for a water bottle. We kept hearing footsteps behind us but we looked back and nothing was there.”- Senior Ana Wu

“I felt a weird presence and [as if] someone [is] watching me. The door would randomly open and close. The TV turned on by itself…” – Junior Mya Rivera

“Whenever I would go to my closet in an old house of mine, I would feel an extremely strong presence in there. When I would leave my room and come back later, things would be slightly rearranged.”- Sophomore Logan Russell

“It happens when I go to my grandparents’ house. There’s always a shadow [of a man] in [their] guest room.”- Senior Andrea Palomo

“One time I was alone in my house and I was lying on my couch, there was a glass cup beside me on the dining table. Then all of a sudden, it shattered into many pieces.”- Freshman Catherine Driscoll

“When my sister was a little girl, she would always start crying [for no apparent reason]. She’d tell my mom that people were scaring her. One day, when my mom showed her a picture of her grandparents, she said, ‘That’s them!’ but my grandparents [had passed away].”- Junior Kassandra Ledesma

“I was home alone playing video games and while I was playing I had heard a creaking noise. I thought it was just part of my game but I kept hearing it and suddenly the lights turned off but the power was still on. My computer shut off shortly after.”- Junior Paul Elhosni

“I remember my computer constantly turning on and off all night, and because of that I couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden [I heard] a loud honk and bang. I immediately rushed outside assuming that it was a car crash. My mom woke up telling me that nothing happened. After about ten minutes, I heard some of our medicines we keep on the counter [fall] off. My mom and I, both walking out, saw every single one of them on the floor and opened. Till this day, I don’t know how that all happened.”- Somphomore Nathan Diep

“[My brother and I] would hear footsteps and creaks at night. There were two footprints going to the backyard. They were like a child’s footprints and looked like paint.”- Junior Matt Lu

“When I was a kid, I used to always hear someone walking in my hallway. Every time I went to look, there was… a shadow of an old lady. I still hear her
sometimes, but not as often as I used to.”- Senior Gage Gomez

“My friend and I were camping alongside the river, with a fire at night. I had my dog with me, a Siberian husky. He was sleeping but suddenly woke up and was shaking. There was a breeze and a foul odor. We felt the ground shake and heard footsteps. My dog was frozen in fear, and we felt something abnormal. Another worldly
experience.”- Scott Stechel, Science Teacher

“Random papers [in my classroom] would be moved [and] multiple files in my cabinet would be moved ever so slightly. My sister brought a psychic and she said [there are] actually ghosts in here.”- Emily Ichise-Sizemore, Japanese Teacher

“I had an old boyfriend whom ghosts would talk to, at least that is what we thought. One night, he woke up screaming and out of breath. He said something passed through him and there was a light in the house under the door. It turns out that a friend of the family had died in the middle of the night. That wasn’t the first time something like this happened so we just assumed that our friend came to visit after she died.”-Beverly Goldin, CTE teacher

Quotes gathered by Katelyn Barreras, Ellen Lei, Christian Nguyen and Nguyen Kim Tran