Call For Study Hall to Increase Potential


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As the school year wears on, students are finding themselves getting busier within each day. From afterschool sports and clubs to part-time jobs to family events to general homework assignments, it may be a little difficult to juggle everything together. A simple solution to this problem would be to add just one more class to students’ schedules with that class being study hall.
Homework and basic assignments are the deciding factors in students’ grade success and even their failure. In most cases, a few missed assignments is all it takes to drop a high grade to a low one. In an effort to try to lower the number of failing students, Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School in Montebello, California enforced a mandatory study hall. The high school saw an increase in honor students, higher average GPAs and improved teacher morale after incorporating a study hall period into students’ daily schedules. The honor roll rose from 32 percent to a little over 50 percent with the numbers of assignments turned in shifting from 30 percent to 90 percent. The study hall period allotted for students not only benefitted them in academic achievements, but gave their school resounding statistical success.
Schools that offer a study hall period for students are giving them a chance to make up assignments, study for a test or finish homework. More importantly, those schools are giving their students a chance to work to their fullest potential. It is far too common that students have the adequate work ethic to complete their assignments, yet they do not have the adequate amount of time to do so.
According to a survey conducted by the University of Phoenix College of Education, the average high school student spends an average of 17.5 hours per week on homework. Different students will have different workloads, but those who feel overwhelmed and need extra work time can turn to study halls for help. Students will be able to take a breather in between classes and catch up on the work they did not complete or missed.
A problem arises when students are able to abuse their privilege of having a free period to do what they please. However, it is simple to prevent such a problem from emerging. All that is needed for study hall periods to take place within the school environment is a sufficient work room such as a classroom or the school library and a supervisor to oversee that students are making use of the study hall. This way, the study hall program becomes more enriching and can raise potential academic success.
Students will be able to find a sense of ease in their days within study halls. Stress will be alleviated and time will be returned back to students’ hands. The opportunity of a readily available study hall is an opportunity students definately will not pass up.

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