The Upset Over Obscenities Within Music

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Many music genres have received criticism for explicit lyrics with graphic references, leading for many to lean toward the appeal of music censorship. Instead of the media deciding the content, parents should be monitoring what their children listen to. Currently, music censorship limits audiences and artists and inconsistently selects content to cut.
Artists should not be censored just because kids are not listening to age-appropriate music. The responsibility should fall upon the parents to pay attention to what music their children are listening to. Music artists should not be punished because young children get ahold of their work.
Since the freedom of speech is in the First Amendment, having music censorship violates the First Amendment. Censoring the artists is not allowing them to say what they want. It also limits them to what they are allowed or able to say. Music serves as a form of expression. The words in a song convey strong emotions in a song; he passionate lyrics can serve as a catharsis and deleting words for wide audiences limits both the artist and the listeners.
Furthermore, music censorship is difficult and unpredictable. EA Sports, the developer of real-life sports video games, released NFL Madden 08 featuring “Fuego” by Pitbull. Only, the song cut the word gangsta, which is featured thirteen times in the original song. In NFL Madden 11, censored out the word crime in Kevin Rudolf’s “Let it Rock.” Yet, in NFL Madden 10, EA Sports left the word erection in B.O.B.’s song “Created a Monster.” The type of words taken out of songs are subjective to the audience and judged. When implemented in a large audiences like music stations, censorship becomes confusing and inconsistent. It is simply too difficult for media to decide what is and is not appropriate.
Although it is important to have children listen to age-appropriate content, music censorship should not be used in wide audiences. Censoring music blocks out expression and art. Parents should be checking their child’s exposure to explicit content.

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