Fair To Say: Breaking News: Positivity Needed


Editor in Chief

Turning on the television to watch World News with David Muir or Nightly News with Lester Holt used to be homework every single day of my junior year. But now, it is a choice, and the ways news is being reported has not changed much. The repetitive spotlights in the 20 to 25 minute report are usually a one sentence update on what happened the night before.
It is imperative that people are aware of every event, rather than constantly reporting and updating an unfortunate story, more time could be dedicated to upbeat news.
When the same patterns are being reported repeatedly, the information is irrelevant because its worth has been downgraded by the redundant regurgitation of old news. While coverage on the health of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may be important for the first day and a half, two to three days of short updates make it redundant and difficult to follow.
But the happier side of life needs to be reinforced to remind viewers that there is more than another shooting, another car chase, or another derogatory comment made by Donald Trump. In addition to the general report of the initial event, the actions taken to combat the negativity in the world should also be featured.
While some people may not tune in every day, positivity encourages people to take action and tune in to become more informed about the issues going on in the world. News stories that inspire people could bring up the spirits in people who have had a long day at work. Solutions should be promoted side by side with the negativity that is produced by the hurtful people in the world.

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