Varsity Girls Volleyball Team Spikes Through Pre-Season Practice

Staff Writer

The 2016 Alhambra girls varsity volleyball team has been hard at practices every day in the gym. This time, however, with new captains as well as many more new players on the team, the chemistry is not as it has been before. The first week of pre-season started off extremely hectic for the volleyball team, involving the team competing against 4 schools and playing 3 consecutive games. The team is headed towards a positive path with their practices and scrimmages, working hard towards their goals and winning first in league.

“This year’s Varsity team is filled with new members, except for five seniors including myself. Unlike last year which was filled with returners so we kind of already knew how to play,” senior co-captain Sany Ieong said, expressing her feelings on the condition of this year’s squad. “Practicing, helps us fix our continuous mistakes on the court to recognize and understand what we did wrong.”

Last year’s season was filled with a large group of veteran players who were used to the high expectations of playing on the varsity level and the game’s rules and regulations for varsity. With their experience, the team ran smoothly through the season. Though there are now many more new players on the team, they hope to do whatever it takes to be better than they were in previous years and to make this year better than the last.

“With a new team, we will definitely do whatever it takes for us to get better and help out how we work as a team. Since we are so new to this level, we want to help each other out as much as possible,” Ieong said.

The coaches have also expressed an optimistic outlook and had a motivating role towards the team. With their preseason games and practices, the coaches have been pushing them and fixing their mistakes on the court. These hard-working girls have spent a lot of time practicing over the summer and conditioning hard for the upcoming season and preseason.

Now as the school year starts, their practices are almost everyday with the exceptions of game days, taking place after school. Aside from taking part in drills that are focused on their inconsistencies from previous games, the girls also take part in a lot of team building drills that increase their chemistry on the court.
With high expectations placed on these girls, their performance will definitely reveal all their hard work from summer practices. The team next plays against Alverno High School on Thursday and San Gabriel High School on the 22.