Say Bye-Bye to Starting School Earlier

Staff Writer

In an article published by Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), 20 Los Angeles Unified School districts started school in early August. In comparison to last year, Alhambra High School started August 11th, three days earlier. SCPR also stated that this can greatly affect our students as well as an increase in school funding and teaching.

“Starting school early is good because we will be able to finish the curriculum before winter break and since in the past, we had to finish the semester after winter break,” Math Department chair Paul Stein said.

According to SCPR, the students will be given more time to study, especially for those taking Advanced Placement classes, now that the start date is pushed up. As for the teachers, it is more likely that they will be able to finish teaching the material before winter break arrives. On the other side, starting early can come with a cost: a much higher price for air conditioning.

“While school beginning early seems odd, I understand that starting school early can give more time to teachers who are required to prepare students for standardized tests such as AP exams in May. I would rather start early and finish early than start late and finish late. School is school either way–it doesn’t matter what time of year it is–, and if beginning the school year early will give more time for teachers to teach and students to learn, then why not begin earlier?” senior Rebecca Zeng said,

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