New Powerhouses in AHS Community

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As the school year starts, a lot of new faces appeared on campus. A total of fifteen new teachers and staff members joined the AHS community. Here are a few of them:
Alhambra’s new Special Education teacher Jeffrey Baumann hopes to expand our film club through the incorporation of a screenwriting class. He collaborates with several teachers in English classes while teaching sections on Government/Economics and Resource. He has a rich history of working with ESL and students with special needs.

Former AHS alumni and our new math teacher Melody Chao is excited to return to her alma mater. She is currently teaching AP Calculus BC, Computer Programming, and a few sessions of integrated math. Chao is also having high hopes for the Math Olympiad competition as the team’s advisor this year.

“It’s really an honor to be walking the halls of AHS again, but this time as a teacher. The kids are wonderful here and I see a lot of respect between student, teachers, and admins.” said Chao.

New History and Resource teacher Christopher Davis simply loves his teaching experience so far at Alhambra. He teaches collaboratively with history and science and previously worked in Monrovia and Arcadia School Districts. He earned his credentials and degrees in Special Education at CSULA and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

New science teacher Michelle Berry is looking forward to rebuild the Science Olympiad team for Alhambra. She currently teaches one biology class and four environmental science classes. She believes that the amount of collaboration present in each of the department will be crucial to the success of the teachers and the students.

New biology teacher Amy Ngo, also a former AHS alumni, is proud to become a member of Alhambra’s Science Department. She has also taken on the role of the new MESA club adviser, hoping to encourage more students to explore careers in science and engineering. Ngo attended UCLA for Bachelor’s degree in Biology and UC Davis for her teaching credential and Master’s in Education.

“[Coming] in now with the role of a teacher has given me a new perspective, like an inside look behind the stages,” said Ngo, “of what the teachers here do every day for the success and benefit of students.”

New teacher Colin Olsen is another great addition to Alhambra’s Math and Special Education departments. He is currently the instructor of several math courses and a collaboration teacher. Coming from Minneapolis, MN, Olsen enjoys his experience as a teacher on the west coast so far.

All the new teachers came to Alhambra High School with their own expectation and ambition, hoping that they will enjoy their teaching experience and the time spent with the students.

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