It Is Fair to Say: Not Another Popularity Contest

180 days of the year, teachers are entered into a popularity contest and students get to be the judges. In a way, the stereotypes about high school popularity are true. The difference is rather than cheerleaders and athletes, the popular crew consists of educators that the student body deems the “best.”

The notion of crossing our fingers and hoping we get the nice teacher is absurd. The pattern of picking classes and dropping classes because of the teacher needs to stop. The fear of not getting an “A” at the end of the semester should not be the defining factor of how many sections that teacher will be able to teach that year.

Educators do not assign more work just for their own pleasure. The work assigned is meant to prepare us for college, not to boost or maintain our GPAs. When rigor and standards decrease, students do not complain. But once it goes back to normal, even for one assignment, multiple complaints about the college preparatory work spreads like rumors around campus.

Fortunately, most teachers do not care about whether we find them favorable or not. Their purpose is not supposed to be micro-managing our grades; it is to prepare us for what life and college is going to bring. It is time to use our ability not to judge the workload given to us by our teachers, but to use it to further our education.


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