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On May 25th, 2016, Tammy Scorcia was elected as the new president of the Alhambra Teacher Association (ATA). ATA has about 900 active union members to promote and protect the well-being of every member.

“My biggest goal is to bridge the communication gap in Associates and Management. Schools can’t run effectively if everyone is on a different page. Making sure that the family we’ve created will run smoothly and be able to have open dialogue with each other,” ATA President Tammy Scorcia said.

ATA had their first Welcome Back Pancake Breakfast on Aug. 27 where members could bring their families to interact and get to know each other in order to improve communication among members from different schools.

“The Pancake Breakfast had a great turnout. The kids had fun with games to play all sorts of food and great representation from all three schools. Schools First, American Casualties and other benefits were present to sign-up for any benefits they would like,” Alhambra Segment Director Nancy Padilla said.

Last year, ATA brought the most signatures out of California to extend Proposition 55 and received recognition from the California Teacher Association. Prop. 55 is meant to replace Prop. 30 which brought funding to public schools after the Recession; however, it has expired and $27 million could be lost a year.
Other propositions ATA supports are 52 and 58. Prop. 52 continues fundings for medical care to help families in need and the elderly. Prop. 58 helps students learn English quickly while also mastering another language.

ATA plans on continuing to rally support and bring awareness to voters before the election in November. ATA will continue to improve the conditions and quality of public education in order to protect our teachers and students by advertising and advocating for our civil rights.

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