AHS Revives Science Olympiad Club

Staff Writer

Recently, two of AHS’s science teachers, Michelle Berry and Celine Valentine, restarted the Science Olympiad club. The club’s main objective is to prepare for and compete in the annual Science Olympiad competition.

“[It’s] a good opportunity. It seems like a fun way to get people involved in science,” freshman Catherine Driscoll said.

The competition has 23 team events, which includes both hands-on and traditional test-taking. During their meetings, members will prepare for their respective events by studying for the testing portion or doing practice trials for hands-on events.

“We’d study in groups, helping each other out. If we ever have questions we have Ms. Berry and Ms. Valentine [to help us].” Science Olympiad president Fianna Gin said.

Through Science Olympiad, students will be able to learn how to cooperate with one another, learn more about science outside the classroom and become more interested in science.

“Even though this is our first year back, science is important and the club’s focus is to get kids on a more even playing field and [help them] academically realizing that everything we see or do involves science,” Ms. Berry said.

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