Varsity Volleyball Sets Past the Aztecs, Starts League Strong

Staff Writer

As both opponents were warming up the crowd took their seats and got ready for the game to start. The game for the first set started with Mark Keppel having the volleyball. Keppel called a timeout with a score of 14-9, with Alhambra in the lead. The Moors won their first set with a score of 25-17.
The second set had began with rapid passing and intense hitting between the two teams. The set ended with a score of 25-16. As the third set commenced, Keppel called another timeout with a score of 12-7. This last set had the crowd cheering and going wild as the pass, sets and hits were going back and forth. It was an intense set that ended with Alhambra coming out on top, winning with a score of 25-19.
“We expect to play with more teamwork in our future games. Overall our teams effort in today’s win was amazing,” senior Justin Nguyen said.
The team was very motivated to do everything to claim their victory. According to senior Greg Kurniawan, the boys don’t normally have much motivation when they’re practicing, but when it comes to the game they come through with their energy that results in wins.
“We simulate situations where we know certain hitters on the team can focus. We do it over and over constantly and we’re always putting ourselves in different situations to work on what we might encounter in the game,” Coach Charles Tran said.
The boys’ next game will be on Tuesday.