Phones: The Next ‘Big’ Thing is Not Here



Derek Wu
Staff Writer

Smartphones have become a huge part of everyday life for many people. From “snapchatting” food to posting your selfies on Instagram, we are constantly focusing on our phone screens. These smartphones come at a cost, with an average phone ranging from $300 up to $900. We treat these pieces of technology with the utmost care, that is, until the next “big” things come out.

Many of us are obsessed with getting the newest or the next update to our phones. We’re taught that once the new generation of phones comes out, our phones automatically go through an expiration date and are now outdated. What was once something we protected with our lives is now thrown around as if it’s junk. However, this mentality we have about our phones is actually not beneficial. Your phone was and is the same amazing phone before the new version came out. We don’t need to get the latest item to have a good working phone. Companies like Apple market campaigns like “Apple Forever” that lets you trade in your old iPhone for the new iPhone every year. Is your phone really outdated though? The screen resolution, the camera, the processor: It was all the same when you bought it and after the new version came out. Just because it is the same, doesn’t mean it isn’t outdated. A slightly bigger screen or higher camera resolution shouldn’t be the determining factor for a new phone.

With that said, you are probably due for an upgrade when your phone speed is slower than you type. Now if you’re still carrying around a flip phone, I applaud you for not being sucked into the world of smartphones but for the rest of us, remember to appreciate your smartphone because it is far from junk.

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