Battling Senioritis and Staying Motivated

Kyle Ang
Staff Writer

After years of work and a college acceptance, it is easy to slack off, relax and wait for graduation to come. What is the point in any more work; you are all set, right? The common phenomenon of senioritis hits many students near the end of their high school career and causes a disengaged attitude or decreased performance in academics and extracurricular activities. If you find yourself slipping into a senior slump, focusing on the future and working with others may help.

Coming to the end of high school or school year may make you feel like school no longer matters, but finishing this stage in your life is truly preparation for starting another. Thinking of goals beyond graduation may help you focus on working hard to make sure you refine your habits for college. Even if you are not a senior, second semester grades play an important role in how admissions officers see you as a student. A rising record with growing trends is much better than a dropping one.

Even with a college acceptance, a drop in performance has great consequences and may even cause colleges to void your admission. Colleges will not necessarily revoke acceptance if an A student drops to a B average. “If you’re an A student, a D or an F can certainly do it,” according to Bev Taylor, founder of The Ivy Coach, a college admissions counselling practice.

To remain motivated, surround yourself with people who support and inspire you. While this may lead to procrastination and pizza parties, working with others who stay productive may be helpful in keeping you in track. Suffering together is better than suffering alone.

The rest of the year is a chance for you to prove to yourself and to others that it was not just luck that you were accepted into the college of your choice. After all these years of hard work and perseverance, it is not the time to pull back and give up. You are in the final stretch of graduating and to see your work pay off, it is time for you to give it your all.

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