JV Softball Slides Into New Season, Hopes To Win Almont League Title


Freshman first baseman Jaelynn Moran pitches to her teammates during a girls’ JV softball practice in preparation for the April 4 game against Pioneer High School.


Staff Writer

Alhambra High School’s JV softball team has been working year-round to be in the best condition possible for the upcoming season. The team’s long-term goal is to win the Almont League title and are determined to do their very best. With so much practice all year long, the Lady Moors are positioned very well for the season.

“They have improved all across the board and become a better team offensively and defensively,” Head Coach David Robles said.

The team’s daily routine is to stretch and throw for about 15 minutes and to then throw infield and outfield. They then take rounds batting at the plate to work on hand-eye coordination. Afterwards, they work on what the coach assigns that day depending if it is an offensive or defensive practice day.

As a result of practicing so much for this season, the softball team has made many improvements since last season both individually and as a whole.

“We have grown as a team by creating a stronger bond as a team and are improving our communication,” center fielder Arlene Contreras said.

Overall, the team has made huge improvements and is slowly getting better with every day that passes. After preparing so much this year, the team has great odds against upcoming schools such as Pioneer High and Mark Keppel. With the great commitment and determination, the JV softball team has very high chances of winning the Almont League title this year.

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