Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Ends After Splendid Season



Staff Writer

Although the Lady Moors’ varsity volleyball season has almost come to an end, the team still has a solid league record of 3-6. Unfortunately, they did not place high enough in the Almont League to reach the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs.

Head Coach Brent Fabbri has his team planned out for next year and is determined to have another great and positive season.

“My plans for next year are to put a young team together and let them learn the quickness and mentality at the varsity level. I have nine seniors that will be leaving the varsity team, which means I will have to rebuild another one next year,” Fabbri said.

Senior Kimberly Pham is one of the athletes that has played four long years but will unfortunately be leaving. Of course, the other seniors will be missed by a lot of the players as well.

“It’s really bittersweet to know that I’ve played volleyball for this long and it’s going to be over by November. I feel honored to be a four-year member of this program and although there were ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade this sport for any other,” middle/left back passer Kimberly Pham said.

Junior Sharon Lam is very committed to the team. She has a lot of excitement for this sport and even though the season is almost over, she can’t wait for the next one to start again.

“I don’t want the season to end; volleyball has been such a big part of my life. Every day I look forward to practices and, when they end, I feel like I have nothing else to do. I just wish season would go by slower, but I know I still have next season. I feel so disappointed that we haven’t won as many games as we expected but I hope we end the season on a good note and win more games,” middle back passer Lam said.

Fabbri had an exciting season with his team, with teaching and learning new things.

“My team did awesome this season. I wish they had a little bit more confidence in themselves. They are all good players […] and I do feel like they have learned to believe in themselves and their whole team,” Fabbri said.

It was a significant season for the Lady Moors and Fabbri, but now it has almost come to an end. The team’s last game will be on Nov. 3 against San Gabriel.