Drones Blown Out of AHS

Staff Writer

The invention of drones has provided several advantages. For example, they can provide insight by flying above and inspecting targeted areas of surveillance. After seeing the continual success of surveillance drones, people have begun thinking about implementing drones into our daily lives.

Some people may not be aware, but ways to use drones are being tested or are already being applied in our daily lives. According to CTV News, drones have been used for serving food to customers at restaurants and even delivering pizza. Furthermore, they are even being used at schools. As stated in the Huffington Post, drones have been used in China during examinations to scan for cheating. In addition, the Los Angeles Times has reported the possibility of using drones to film events such as sports games or to provide surveillance for safety around a school campus.

Drones can provide several advantages; however, they are not allowed in Alhambra High School. Veronica Granados, office manager of Student/Employee Welfare, emphasizes that the use of drones may have negative effects. Precautions must be taken to assure the safety of students.

Granados stated that “They can be dangerous if they are battery-operated because the battery may explode. There can also be damage to school property or students can be injured.” Therefore, AHS’ current drone regulations are not expected to change in the future.