Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Continues League Play After Loss Against Montebello


Seniors Melody Luo and Nadia Gov from the girls’ varsity volleyball team defend against an backside hit by the Montebello Oilers on Oct. 8.


Staff Writer

As the Alhambra High School gymnasium packs with a crowd of people, the Lady Moors varsity volleyball team warmed up for their game against Montebello High School on Oct. 8.

The first set of the game had began and the Moors take the lead! Their passes for serve receive were amazing and had them starting off with an astonishing win of 25-19.

The next set started, both the teams were pulling back and forth. Four points were made by the Moors when they served and the other team made the balls go from wall to wall. The Moors were up 15-11 with a timeout being called by the Oilers. Their perfect pass, sets and hits lead them to another win in the second set, with a score of 25-18.

The third set started and Montebello got in the lead by 6-4. Montebello was up by 12-11 with a timeout called from the Moors. The Lady Moors were a little off with their hits, which led the set to end with Montebello winning, 25-20.

The fourth set started, 9-4 where the Oilers were in the lead and Moors called for a timeout. Another timeout was called when the score was 16-13 with Oilers still in the lead. This set had an intense ending with a score of 25-23, oilers leading.

The inception of the last set was very interesting, 12-8 Moors! The crowd goes wild with cheers while the Oilers called for a timeout. A lot of the serve receives went from wall to wall and the Oilers caught up. In the end, Montebello took the win of 17-15.

“I felt confident during the beginning of the game because we came off strong in the first two sets. We let Montebello make a small run in the second set but fought back in the fourth and fifth set. There were some small mistakes that we could have fixed in the end,” libero Iris Zhou said.

Zhou was confident in every one teammates and herself. She managed to stay strong and do her best in the game with her team.

“I think my team played beyond excellent. Everyone played their hardest and gave it all they could,” Head Coach Brent said.

The ladies’ next game will be at home against Schurr High School on Oct. 22.