Students in Government Seek Civic Engagement


AHS juniors and seniors participate in the first Students in Government Day on April 27.


Editor in Chief

Shadowing positions ranging from City Attorney to Director of Environmental Resources, 24 AHS students participated in Students in Government Day on April 27. Alhambra City Managers worked with Assistant Principal of Business and Activities Phuong Nguyen and social science teacher and department chair Javier Gutierrez to organize the event.

Participants were first introduced to Mayor Gary Yamauchi before eating lunch with their mentors and learning about the various components of the city government. They also discussed how to best solve real-world issues that could happen in Alhambra, which they later presented at a council meeting.

“This experience has given me a new look on jobs available at the government level,” senior David Hernandez, who shadowed the Assistant Director of Finance, said. “It also reminded me of childhood dreams to one day hold a high office position such as mayor or perhaps even President.”

Other students enjoyed the broad scope of the event.

“I learned that no matter what career path I choose, I can always relate it to the work that our leaders do in the city,” senior Michelle Yan said. “After talking to Carmen Hernandez, the Library Director, and hearing of the steps she had to take to achieve where she is now, I realize it is crucial to work hard and let life fall into place, no matter how unsure I am of my own future.”