Senior Honors Night Awards Outstanding Students

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With awards ranging from community scholarships to club recognition to department-specific achievements, Senior Honors Night showcased accomplishments on May 12 in the auditorium. After having refreshments in the cafeteria, students, parents and faculty headed to the auditorium to attend the award ceremony at 6:00 p.m.

The event started with an introduction by Principal Duane Russell, followed by community organizations and sponsors awarding scholarships to winning seniors. One of the recipients was Vivian Chau, who won the Comcast NBC scholarship and North American Taiwanese Women’s Association scholarship, along with a Math Department award and the Green Moor award later in the evening.

“I was pleasantly surprised!” Chau said. “I almost wasn’t going to come tonight because I’m sick, but it was worth it.”

In order to organize award recipients, Assistant Principal of Instruction Dr. Marisa Meyka sent out Google Spreadsheets to numerous leaders on campus, including department chairs. Teachers, such as those in the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department, met to discuss their list of prospective students, especially those involved in multiple disciplines.

“I was excited to see my granddaughter up on stage,” grandparent Silvia Lara said. “I’m so proud of her!”

The social science, math, physical education, VAPA, Career Technical Education and English Language Development departments recognized students who have shown dedication, outstanding work and/or improvement over the years. Athletic groups and academic organizations, such as the Biomed program, also awarded seniors who have exemplified model standards.

“I thoroughly enjoyed [Senior Honors Night] because it’s a good way for parents to see our kids get recognized for all [their] hard work and dedication they put into their high school career,” parent Frances Romero said.

The U.S. Army, National Guard, Navy and Marines also awarded seniors for qualities sought out by the Armed Forces, such as loyalty and honor.

“The opportunity to help my community and nation in a small way definitely inspired me [to join the Marines], as well as the chance to learn new things that will help me when looking for a career after my service,” recipient Alexis Luna said.

To conclude Senior Honors Night, Dr. Meyka and Assistant Principal of Business and Activities Phuong Nguyen presented newly established cords to students who have passed and completed a bilingual course and test.

“I felt that tonight went great as everyone got an award for their achievement. Although , some people didn’t show up, everything went smoothly. It was a great experience seeing everyone get something to look back at and say ‘I did it, I accomplished something [in] high school,’” senior Alejandro Murillo said.

With the last batch of cords passed out, faculty members wished all graduating seniors good luck in their future endeavors.

“Congratulations on all [your] honors. We look forward to seeing you wear those honors at graduation,” Meyka said.

In addition, Russell bid his farewell to seniors.

“[I’m] so proud of you guys. It’s always bittersweet. I’ll miss you guys. I’ve been in the business 30 years and [AHS] is a great place to be,” Russell said.