Farewell from a President’s Desk



ASB President

For those who know me personally, or those who have had the amusement of seeing me in a P.E. class, you know that I am not a runner. One trip up to one of our third-floor classrooms will leave me out of breath for an embarrassing amount of time. Instead, I ran for Student Body President, and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve Alhambra High School.

Cheering on our own Track and Field team on Fourth Street, or volunteering at Alhambra’s first ever Pumpkin 5k Run, reminds me that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Over the past four years, we learned the importance of taking care of our long-term self. It meant planning out our class schedules during freshman year and spending hours at the Career Center working on college applications. It meant studying late into the night for tomorrow’s big test, practicing for a game or a competition, rehearsing for a play and dedicating time toward a goal greater than ourselves.

We move forward for happiness, for our friends and family and to discover our own definitions of success. It takes confidence to reach for the stars and hit the ground running. After all, our path is not clear and our destination is far. But we have arrived. Established in 1898, Alhambra High School serves as the meeting point of lasting traditions of the past and the innovations of today. Now, 117 years later, we carry on this legacy as Alhambra students. Four years ago, I would have told you that Homecoming was a sports game that we place more emphasis on. Yet, we see its true significance in its name. Each year, alumni from Alhambra High School return to our field to return to their roots. The City of Alhambra is a wonderful place, and as we all journey onto different paths, Alhambra will always be here for us to call home.

The Class of 2015 has witnessed change, faced trials and tribulations and has demonstrated resilience throughout it all. I look to our future with great optimism for how we will translate the Alhambra spirit to even greater accomplishments. Run with confidence and joy and with a purpose in your step.