Environmental Resources Awareness Society Seniors Contribute to Annual Eco Fair

earth day REBECCA ZENG
Staff Writer

On Earth Day, April 22, AHS’ Environmental Resources Awareness Society (ERAS) presented the annual Eco Fair at the Quad. Two tables featured games based on an environmental theme, such as trash basketball, boat racing and bottle bowling. As rewards, ERAS passed out around 100 Dum-Dums lollipops, which had environmental facts attached to them.

In addition, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District’s External Affairs specialist, Evelyn Reyes, managed a third table at the event and contributed to the event by passing out items related to water conservation, including shower timers and informational leaflets.

The seniors in ERAS who contributed to the event included former president Janeesah Holmes and general members Madoka Tsuchihara, Stephanie Wong Su and Matthew Chan.

“Eco Fair and ERAS have definitely impacted my life by making me more environmentally aware and ERAS has turned me into an advocate for better [preservation] of the planet and its resources. I’ll definitely treasure the memories I’ve made with my friends at Eco Fair. And even though I’ll be off to college, I’ll be sure to make the extra effort to try and come back to this wonderful event,” Chan said.

Changes from last year’s fair included the Water District’s participation and it being located at the Quad instead of Third Street.

“This year, Eco Fair brought a majority of the seniors out to help, [which] in a way united ERAS seniors and the club as a whole,” ERAS president Amy Leung said.

Overall, students enjoyed the creative games and learned a lot of environmental facts at the fair.

“AHS’ Eco Fair allows students to become environmentally aware of their surroundings. Our main goal [was] for students to realize how we are hurting our planet and how little it takes to reduce our environmental footprint. We just have to take the first step!” Holmes said.