Culminating the Year with Econ Summit

Copy Editor

Customarily, one of the final projects for the senior year is the Economic Summit, which occurred on May 14 this year. Students taking AP Government or an economics course in their second semester participate in the event. It is meant to be an enriching activity, allowing them to apply their knowledge to current world affairs.

For the event, students form teams of up to four, with each team representing a nation. As they research their country, they role play as the country’s advisers, trying to determine how to best improve its living standards and overcome the challenges it faces.

In the process, students learn about their country’s politics, government, economy, trade, culture, demographics and foreign relations.

Along with gaining more knowledge about the world, participants also have the chance to practice skills such as negotiation, decision-making and strategic planning at a simulated diplomatic meeting.

The project culminates with a display in the big gym, which students are invited to visit. Seniors exhibited display boards for their country while dressing in cultural outfits and sharing traditional foods from their country’s cuisine.

“Not only will participants be able to say they understand the issues, imports [and] exports pertaining to one country, but they will also be able to say that they effectively worked in a team to create something fun,” senior Candice Romero said.