AIGAT YOUR BACK: Goodbye AHS: High School No Moor

Opinions Editor

The high school experience was not nearly as remarkable as one would expect based on how it has been portrayed by countless young adult novels and films. I spent most of my time in AHS going through the motions, complaining about lack of sleep or crippling hunger, doodling instead of taking notes or aggressively separating split-ends from my hair rather than paying attention to a subject I would be tested on the next day. In spite of all of this, high school definitely had its moments, and though I hate myself for admitting it, I will miss it.

We spend four years cultivating relationships and maintaining grades, or at least attempting to, and some of us will be doing more of the same in the near future. So why, then, does this experience feel so finite? Maybe because there is so much uncertainty in the future or because soon high school will be nostalgic instead of tiresome—whatever the reason, all we know is that this is the end of something and the beginning of something else.

Yes, I am excited to graduate and happy to move on from AHS, but when one spends four years in one environment, it is not so easy to let go of that investment.