Junior Council Presents Prom 2015: ‘Enchanted to Meet You’


Top row: Justin Imaa, Gary Jia, Simeon Lam, Vivian Tran.
Bottom row: Toni Shyy, Amy Than, Pauline On, Ivy Kwok.


On March 20, Junior Council fully released AHS’ Prom 2015 information. The theme this year will be “Enchanted to Meet You,” inspired by Taylor Swift’s song “Enchanted,” with the coordinated colors lavender and ivory. It will be held at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens on April 24. The dance will start at 7 p.m. and end at 12 a.m.

“I’m excited about Prom. [I’m] excited for the memories to come and just to be able to spend time with my friends for the last time [in high school],” senior Bryan Chen said.

There are many procedures and tasks that Junior Council has to go through in preparation for prom. The most imperative task will be the paperwork for every single aspect of prom, as well as the financial management, according to Junior Council President Amy Than. On the day prior to prom, Junior Council will be finishing off ticket sales at $130 or $120 with an ASB card. Council members will be preparing the centerpieces and decorations.On the day of, Junior Council will focus on last minute check-ups on the court, DJ and vendors. According to Than, they will refrain from selling tickets on the day of Prom to focus more on the details of the dance.

“The venue itself is just gorgeous. Being an exclusive wedding venue, it’s really a ‘see-it-to-believe-it’ type of thing. I’m sure guests will be very amazed by its appearance as well as the gift that is given to guests every year. All I can say about the gift is that [it] is super cute and one-of-a-kind,” Than said.